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Privacy Policy - nMind
Privacy Policy

User privacy is a priority on nMind. As long as the user engages the site legally, and there is no risk of legal implication, the following is true.

  • nMind will not tamper with user content without lawful/valid reason. nMind will inform user of issues if one arises.

  • nMind will not sell, share, or disclose user content to any third party unless required by law.

  • nMind views login/password as property of the user and will not tamper with or abuse such information or user content/activity, unless required by law or to protect other users experience in which an account may be deleted, frozen, or cut off (nMind will provide reason).

  • nMind will store passwords as an encrypted hash, the user will be responsible for their own password.

  • nMind will not send unrelated emails or spam to users, user may control email notifications in account management.