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Terms and Conditions - nMind
Terms and Conditions

nMind.com is a professional social network for students, their professors, and professionals to interact. It is nMind's priority to provide each user with the most positive user experience. nMind will do everything it can to provide this positive user experience, and respond to user feedback to improve the user experience. To ensure that nMind is able to do this effectively, the user should understand and follow these Terms of Service.

  • User must register with and disperse on the site information that is true and not copyrighted intellectual property of another individual or entity.

  • User must respect other users on the site, and not engage in any form of virtual harrasment.

  • nMind reserves the right to delete any unlawful or innapproriate content that has been reported, notification of such action may be provided before or after the content has been removed.

  • nMind will block/delete profiles that show signs of spamming users or are fakes.

  • nMind will not sell or disclose user content/data to a third party(reference Privacy Policy), unless required by law.

  • nMind will comply with any valid and lawful warrant to disclose information, nMind will attempt to notify the user before said information is disclosed, and nMind will challenge what is perceived as abuse to user privacy.

  • nMind reserves the right to post ads and page sponsorships in the future that are targeted by relevancy to specific users. These ads will not be related to drugs, sex, violence, or any other offensive or unlawful behavior.

nMind may make future changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as the site continues to develop and grow. These changes will be posted, and the user notified of any major differences/additions. nMind believes that the user owns their content, and the trust between User and nMind is dependant on nMind protecting that information.